Quality Assurance


At Glync we believe in providing the best overall “whole solution” with following competing marketing strategic values

  1. Product Leadership
  2. Operational Excellence
  3. Customer Intimacy

 Through our quality control systems we intend to differentiate ourselves in our marketplace by continually innovating with our customers’ needs in mind, providing the highest Feature-Function-Benefit / Value ratio, thereby earning lifetime customer relationship and generating value by continually innovating and staying ahead of the crowd.

Quality policies at Glync are periodically planned, implemented, assessed, measured and monitored for continuous improvements.  Feedback is taken from the customer by indirect and direct channels to continually improve our product and stay abreast of the competition

Glync have been credited with International Organization for Standardization 9001:2008. This independent certification validates our commitment to quality and affirms that GLYNC has thoroughly documented its quality processes while meeting the stringent qualifications for the global ISO 9001:2008 standard.

 We have appointed a team of highly qualified and professional quality controllers to administer Internal Quality control for  Raw Material testing (Strict quality sampling), Intermediate/In Process Testing (performance and Durability tests), and Finished product testing and External quality assurance to ensure all testing equipment meet industry standards

Thorough documentation at each step is involved meeting regulatory requirements and audited to meet and surpass customer expectation. Its purpose is to assure that documents achieve the highest standards relative to format, consistency, completeness, quality, and presentation.

  1. Quality Management System Manual is the apex document that has been prepared to provide guidelines for Quality Management System based on our interpretation of ISO 9001:2008 GLYNC TECH PVT. LTD. The Managing Director/ Director are responsible for its implementation in the respective functions as per the line diagram shown in the organization chart.
  1. The Managing Director/ Director of GLYNC TECH PVT. LTD is authorized to approve the Quality Manual & any subsequent changes.
  1. Management Representative is responsible to review & revise the Manual in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System from time to time.
  1. The Manual, its copies or extracts from it, must not be passed on to any unauthorized person without the written permission of the Management of GLYNC TECH PVT. LTD.
  1. Unnumbered / Uncontrolled copies may be given to customers / outside agencies purely for information and reference.
  1. It is a responsibility of the holder of this manual to maintain and keep up to date by incorporating all revisions as and when received. The obsolete documents to be destroyed.

Quality Management System Manual contains policy of the company covering all the requirements of ISO9001:2008 standard and makes reference to Quality Management System Procedures, Quality Records & Documents. Quality Management System Procedure Manual has been written separately and includes all mandatory procedures. Quality Records, Formats & other documents are available in separate files.


Our motto “For Brighter Earth” signifies our commitment to delivering the best in class Energy Saving LED solutions through innovative measures at competitive and affordable prices, simultaneously yielding environmental co-benefits


To develop scalable solutions for global energy crisis, to achieve a “Brighter

Earth” that our next generation will inherit.


To engineer innovative products aimed at energy efficiency and deliver best in

class products at competitive prices built to outperform and outlast any other.

Glync Quality Control Systems

Right from manufacturing  of products  to delivery Glync quality control systems has guidelines across all activities and functions  aimed to achieve precise product demand and achieve high customer satisfaction ratio. As part of new product innovation and improvements design engineer at GLYNC  alongwith Project manager and Quality control managercarry out and implement customer feedback .

Apart from Raw material inspection Glync suppliers are proactively provided quick and accurate information and communiacted Glync’s expectation w.r,t product quality and standards

  • Qualification ratio under first acceptance check ≥98%
  • Delivery time achievement ratio ≥95%
  • Customer satisfaction ratio ≥98%
  • Monthly rejected product ratio ≤0.1%
  • Manufacture procedure reject ratio ≤1%

For every outgoing products Glync Performs : High and low temperature test instrument 72 hours aging test, vibration measurement instrument,

Our Quality Control Engineer is allocated with following tasks

• Provide management with statistical data showing trends in production including corrective action plans to improve quality and recommending strategic quality “points of control”.
• Assist procurement team by providing sufficient information and defective samples as needed and working with suppliers to address supplier quality concerns.
• Identifies and resolves issues by analyzing data; investigating issues; identifying solutions; recommending and implementing corrective action.