Glync Tech Pvt Ltd. is a diversified company that manufactures, supplies and supports Energy Efficient LED Devices. The Company is committed to address the growing need for a “brighter earth” both environmentally and literary by combining cutting edge technology and energy efficiency, delivering the best in class solutions at an effective price, simultaneously yielding environmental co-benefits.

The global environmental crisis vis-à-vis increased global energy demand necessitates the urgent need for energy efficient sustainable devices. In India, also due to power crisis, the need for such devices is high on the agenda of many state governments, and the central government. As a result, there is significant need and demand for low-cost sustainable energy saving devices. Replacing conventional devices with these energy efficient devices will result in conservation of billions of units of power every year in a power starved India, thereby creating an excellent opportunity for linking sustainable development with climate change mitigation.

Glync Tech Pvt Ltd. will aid this shift to energy efficient devices in designated sectors through innovative measures, so that products are not only energy efficient but at the same time more affordable and accessible for end users.


To develop scalable solutions for global energy crisis, to achieve a “Brighter Earth” that our next generation will inherit.


To engineer innovative products aimed at energy efficiency and deliver best in class products at competitive prices built to outperform and outlast any other.

Management Profile

Glync Tech Pvt. Ltd. is governed by board of directors that comprises well qualified professionals from engineering & management disciplines with over 40 years of pioneering experience in the Electrical Industry. The company is also guided by Consultants and Associates who have broad and exceptional experience spanning geographies, industries, and technologies, assisting company to develop innovative productsand implement best practices across operational spectrum.


D.K. Prashar (Managing Director)

A diploma holder in Mechanical Engineering, had association of over 40 years in Cable Industry and has exceptional Managerial & Administrative skills, vast practical experience in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Manufacturing and Operation Management.

He was one of the pioneers in establishing Cords Cable Industries Ltd. which in present stage is a Public Limited Company and reputed as one of the largest suppliers of Control & Instrumentation Cables and other specialized cables in India, to address the specific requirement of industries of diverse sectors such as Power, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Steel, Cement, Water Desalination, Metro Rail, Airports etc.

In 2008 ,Cords Cable Industries Ltd. became the only cable manufacturer in the Asia Pacific Region to be listed by Forbes Magazine in its list of Best Companies -Under 1  Billon US $


Rahul Prashar (Director)

An MS in Electrical from University of Texas at Arlington,USA, and BE in Electronics.

He has over 10 years’ experience in Plant Operation, Project Engineering Management and Procurement. He was instrumental in commissioning a Cable Plant in Kaharani, Rajasthan, which is rated as one of the best plants in India with state of the art machineries focused at cost efficiency and qualitative output.

Prior to joining Cords, he had worked with AT&T Wireless, USA for 3 years and gained diverse experience in field of Information technology, with the emphasis on Quality Assurance, Quality Testing, and Support Activity.


Amit Prashar (Director)

An MBA from University of Pittsburgh and B.Tech in Mechanical.

He has over 9 years’ experience in Business Planning, Strategy Development & Deployment and Process Management. He has worked with companies like GlaxoSmithKline (Pittsburgh, USA), Ansys (Canonsburg, USA) and SBDC (Pittsburgh, USA).